During the making of this album I had the immense good fortune to be a dad. All you will hear, in addition to all that I have done and I will do, is dedicated to my son Gabriele and to Alessandra, my wife.

All the tracks on ‘Hey Super’ were composed by Mesalfie. The album was recorded, edited and mixed by MesAlfie, at the MesAlfie recording studio. The violins and violas were recorded at the Maurizio Masi’s studio Lotto 27 Studio. The pianos at the Massimiliano Buttarelli’s studio Adelantestudio and at the Alessio Pizzotti’s home.

Voices and choirs: Mesalfie
Guitar: Giuliano Bastianelli
Piano: Alessio Pizzotti
Bass Guitar: Danilo Fiorucci
Cellos: Tiziano Ricci
Accordions: Edoardo Petretti
Violins and violas: Mario Gentili
Drums and percussion: Maurizio Masi
Choirs on ‘Tania’ and ‘There is no way’: Alessandra Manni

Produced by MesAlfie, with the collaboration of:
Maurizio Masi on drums
Giuliano Bastianelli on guitars
Alessio Pizzotti on pianos

Mix enhancement and mastering produced and performed by Alex Di Nunzio, at his studio, the NMG Studio Recording.

I thank my wife, for having always supported me, for believing in me and because she loves me: I love you too. My son, because it gave me the opportunity to understand how lucky I am. Maurizio Masi, Giuliano Bastianelli and Alessio Pizzotti for having given talent and energy to this project, but also for their kind approach to my limits. Danilo Fiorucci, Tiziano Ricci, Edoardo Petretti and Mario Gentili for their ability to make tangible some of my vague ideas, but also for their helpfulness. Thank Alex Di Nunzio: for the professionalism, the ability to be a part of my sound world, but also for the great hospitality.
Thank Sylvie Renault, to take charge of my hesitation and to be able to face everything with a smile: you’re great. Riccardo Rita and Mauro Chiappa, my dear friends of a lifetime: I love you.

Maurizio Masi on drums

Giuliano Bastianelli on guitars

Alessio Pizzotti on pianos