MesAlfie is a pseudonym.

 it is the name chosen by Alfredo Serafini for his latest musical project: MES is a word that comes from the Sumerian vocabulary, Alfie is simply his nickname..

Alfredo began his musical adventure as a singer in a cover band, the Dedos. Rock repertoire: Police, U2, Simple Minds, Cure, Deep Purple.

The band, in 1991, changed its name, resulting in the Aleph. The band members are: Riccardo Rita on guitar, Maurizio Mariani on bass, Simone Durante on keyboards and  Mauro Bellisario on drums. Alfredo is the band frontman, and composes music and lyrics together with Riccardo. The band is very active in the indie scenario in Rome, and reaches the signing of a recording contract in 1995 (Ra.Ro Records). They released their first album in 1996, titled ‘Guerra’ (Ra.Ro – Polygram), getting very positive reviews in magazines and excellent results in terms of audience in the presentation exits. Vittorio Nocenzi and Francesco Di Giacomo are interested in the band: the result of this interest brings the band to open the concerts in the Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso tour in 1996.

During the making of their second album, in 1997, some disagreements with the label lead in the first instance to the termination of the contract, and after to the birth of some friction between the band members. After three years of rotation and difficulties, in 2000 the band split.

Alfredo begins to write new songs. In 2002, Alfie has a new repertoire, and decides to realize the songs. Work on this project with Alberto Lombardi, at his recording studio, the Belair Studio. It comes out in 2003 with a demo of 11 tracks; the Sony Music artistic director appreciates the work, and Alfie signed with the label in 2004 a contract for three albums. Two singles are published: Chicca and Zero Senza Te. The relationship with the label, however, does not take off, and Alfie decides to terminate the contract in 2007.

In 2007, and for the next three years, Alfie performs in clubs in Rome and simultaneously work on new songs. Alfie collaborates in this period with Maurizio Mariani (the Aleph old bass player) to the production of some new songs. In 2010, wins award for songwriters ‘New Voices 2010’, and signed an option with the label ‘Tattica’. Participate with the single ‘Bella è la vita’ the Wind Music Awards of 2011.

Alfie in 2012 creates the MesAlfie project. Choose more natural sounds, English as a language and a more alternative world to present their ideas. In 2015, the work takes on its final shape, and is published in 2016 under the title Hey Super.